Rodrigo is a young visionary who started very early as an entrepreneur and since then has been absorbing new knowledge about entrepreneurships, the mindset of innovative ecosystems, startups and people who can change the world by creating incredible things. Rodrigo has enterprises in many different areas such as HandsOn TV, Salad Creations, Unifox, Flex-Form and Puro Digital, brands that contain Rodrigo Barros’ innovative DNA. Rodrigo has become a must-have speaker in the entrepreneurship area, nationally and internationally.

He shares with selected audiences of entrepreneurs, professionals and future businessmen, the legacy of his experience as an entrepreneur. What is his main purpose? To encourage and inspire people to expand their perspectives, get out of their comfort zone and execute their ideas, through a concept he calls “The mindset of the new entrepreneur”.

The beginning

From a very young age Rodrigo had from his grandfather, a Portuguese immigrant, his first lessons about success. His grandpa used to say that, in order to succeed in life, a person needed two things: honesty and hard work. He taught the young boy that in order to achieve specific goals, a man must be courageous, resilient and have vision.

These principles have always been present throughout Rodrigo’s life, as a solid background that permeates the different stages of learning and evolving.

The soccer legacy

The first dream to come true was the one of becoming a professional soccer player. Very good with the ball, Rodrigo has played in Germany, Portugal and in the U.S.

Besides giving him the opportunity to learn different languages and expanding his horizons, the sport has taught him important lessons such as having clear goals and the value of teamwork. However, the main legacy that soccer has left him is the certainty that we should always focus on our strengths, not our weaknesses.

What is the secret of success?

In 2004, while working with his father in a small real estate office in Guarulhos-SP, a then young Rodrigo started to take interest in the complex gear that moves the markets, businesses and successful people. By then, the seed that had been planted by his grandfather started to blossom. He started asking himself: what is the secret recipe for the success of those who create amazing, transforming things?

In search of that answer, Rodrigo started a successful career as a TV presenter in 2005, releasing the show “The secret to success”.

After that, he moved on to other talk shows and to engage in enterprises that ended up putting him exactly where he had planned to be: side by side with people who knew how to achieve their dreams.

Learning through entrepreneurship

During nine years he built a solid career, establishing himself as reference for business events and programs throughout the country. He also consolidated partnerships based on long lasting relationships and then started to invest in a variety of areas, reaching significant stability and acknowledgement in a short period of time.

His strengths started to acquire a very solid form and by then he reached a very important conclusion, which would become the premise of everything that he does: We are what we do!

However, the comfort zone does not feel very comfortable for Rodrigo Barros. In 2013, moved by the appeal of the Silicon Valley, he decided that he wanted to find out what was so special about that place, home of people who were not only achieving their dreams but also changing the world.

The Silicon Valley mindset

Rodrigo moved with his wife to the Valley. At first, he felt quite vulnerable before that ecosystem. He couldn’t understand that simple recipe, that different mindset. It was only when he faced his weakness and got rid of the arrogance that protected him that he could learn a new and very important lesson: in that environment, people did not search for money but for innovation.  

It was clear to him that he needed to expand his vision and that, in order to achieve different results, he needed to do things in a different way; so in that same year, Rodrigo founded HandsOn TV, the first ever entrepreneurship-focused video platform of the world. Integrating his experience as a TV host and as an entrepreneur, he created and executed the Pitchit, a startups competition in the Silicon Valley. The success of that endeavor brought him to act as a mentor and presenter of the LeWeb Startup Tour, the biggest competition of that kind in Europe.

In between that extremely innovative culture, Rodrigo met other ingredients of the new mindset of an entrepreneur and of the new professional who are part of the digital era revolution, where connection and collaboration are mandatory words.  

Amplifying his vision

These two expressions and their meanings were added to the lessons learned and experiences throughout his journey that started with those first clues given by his grandfather.

Nowadays, Rodrigo has enterprises in many different areas, never losing focus on his strengths. HandsOn TV, Salad Creations, Unifox, Flex-Form and Puro Digital are brands that contain Rodrigo Barros’ DNA.

His story, his legacy 

In order to share his story and give a little push for those still too afraid to dare, Rodrigo has become, nationally and internationally, a must-have speaker in the entrepreneurship area.

Rodrigo shares with selected audiences of entrepreneurs, professionals and future businessmen, the legacy of his story and all the lessons he learned on how to build entrepreneurships.

For him, success has no recipe; it is a constant learning process, made of failures and successes, result of a spirit that is avid for knowledge and always willing to change. His main legacy is his own story, which he designs according to the opportunities given, the movement of the next wave, the curve ahead.